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Awesome! I have lost so far 15 pounds, just a little exercise are combined when taking this pills so I am very satisfied with the effect, thank you! I am excited to be a new me and highly ...

- Yuli Michel

Super Slim Pomegranate

About Super Slim Capsule

You may want to know what you can do else to get the best result when tacking Super Slim Pomegranate, here is some suggestions

1. It is better not taking any sugar or food that contains sugar, don't take staple food or snacks that contain starch like noodles and potatoes, don't drink alcohol, especially beer. Sugar, flour-made dishes etc are the enemy of beauty, they will cause obese, alcohol is the variation of sugar, it will affect the fat metabolism, so far away from drinks that contain sugar when you are reducing weight, have at least 8 glasses of water (2 liters) every day.

2. Exercise is necessary to ensure the heat intake is less then the heat consumed, even Super Slim will help you reduce weight without exercise finally if you don't have time, but taking some exercise will fast the effect, it don't need large amount of exercises, about 40 minutes sports is OK, it will help Super Slim to promote the rate of fat burning up to 11 times, you can take Super Slim half hour before doing exercises.

3. Take the pills half hour before breakfast, or half hour before exercise, pls don't take it before sleeping as the pills will promote the metabolism and you will suffer sleeplessness due to too much energy.

4. Keep a healthy mentality when reducing weight, all ways to reduce weight successfully asked insistence, nothing can be got without any effort, beauty is important and so the health, successful weight loss is got by correct selection and insistence.

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